About the Author

Larry Nevers was born and raised in the City of Detroit, where he lived until after the events recorded in this book. He graduated from Mackenzie High School, attended the Detroit Institute of Technology, and worked in the printing business until becoming a police officer at the age of twenty-eight. During more than twenty-four years in the Detroit Police Department, Larry spent only four years in uniform. For two decades he worked various plainclothes assignments, in which he made more than 5,000 felony arrests and earned more than one hundred departmental honors from citations to commendations to life-saving awards. His most cherished award is the Michigan Police Chiefs Association Medal and citation signed by then-Governor James Blanchard. Larry has been married to his wife, Nancy, for forty-four years. They have one married daughter, Kelly. Larry and Nancy now live in a suburb north of Detroit.

Detroit News recently posted an article about Larry and his family: check it out here.
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